Dr. Katie Jarvis is a healthcare efficiency expert. After working in the broken healthcare system for many years, she launched Bed Beacon, a platform and efficiency tool designed to streamline the system through cost reduction and transparency.


America's rural hospital crisis becomes major 2020 campaign issue.


Scot Bertram: [00:01:08] The Steve Gruber show joined Now by Dr. Katie Jarvis Healthcare efficiency expert launched bed Beacon platform and efficiency tool and talking about America's rural Hospital crisis. Dr. Jarvis. Thanks for joining us here on the Steve Gruber show.
Dr. Katie Jarvis: Thank you for having me and there are many rural portions of Michigan for those who perhaps aren't in those areas when we talk about a rural Hospital crisis. What do we what do we mean what's happening out there?
Scot Bertram: [00:01:38] Oh,  yeah, thank you. So this is a really important topic because one in five Americans live in a rural area and there was a recent report that said that one out of four that's a quarter of all rural, Michigan hospitals at risk for closure. Why is that? Why are they at risk for closure?
Dr Katie Jarvis: They have an increased financial burden with extra regulations that have occurred recently also higher percentage of the patients are elderly and

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