It seems the Democrats just don’t seem to be getting the message. No matter how many election losses they are handed they just keep plowing straight ahead without regard to what voters are telling them or regard to what is happening to the party of Jefferson, Jackson and Kennedy.

Let me help if I may. Americans are tired of seeing their country divided up and parceled out to ever-smaller special interest groups. Americans are tired of being pitted against each other and called names when they have a different idea about what this nation should and could be. Americans have voted out Democrats in record numbers over the last 8 years and put Republicans in their place and et the message seems to be getting lost even now.

Lets take a look at the numbers: Democrats went from 55 seats in the US Senate to just 46 now, Democratic members of the US House plummeted from 256 to only 194 now, Republicans picked up a dozen Governorships and all across the nation Democrats were sent packing. In fact Democrats lost nearly another 1000 seats in state races all over America.

Americans have had it. Americans have made that clear. Americans have continued to vote Democrats and their liberal social welfare-state programs out of office.

Democrats are conducting themselves like petulant children and if they think they are strengthening their positions or their arguments, I can assure you they are sadly mistaken. Long time and well-respected Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah went somewhere he has rarely ventured during his decades in Washington. Hatch said today the Democrats, who boycotted a committee hearing on a Trump cabinet nomination out of spite; need to stop ‘acting like idiots.’

Well it seems some people just don’t get the message, no matter how loud or how often that message is delivered.

The Democratic Party is on the verge of being deemed completely irrelevant by America beyond the East and West Coasts, save for a few bastions in the flyover states. If the Democrats continue to rely on the worn out cries of racism, bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny when targeting their political opponents they may soon find themselves numbered among parties long forgotten like the Whigs.

If the Democrats refuse to hear to toll of the bell and the changing of the guard and continue to battle President Trump at every step, they will pay a very high price at the ballot box in elections to come. Unless Democrats come to terms with the fact that their ideas have been soundly rejected in election after election the losses so far will look modest by comparison.

My dear Democratic friends you have been warned. Please take a breath; review who you are, examine your message and what you actually believe should be the future of America. Without a message you and your party have no political future.

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