David Morantes, CPAN. No Fault Reality Tour.

David Morantes was injured 11 years ago in an automobile accident which caused him to have one leg and one arm amputated. He has since developed and directs the amputee peer mentoring program at STAR Rehab where he receives services related to his amputations caused by the auto accident.


Steve Gruber: My next guest here sitting with me David Moran was injured 11 years ago in a car crash caused him to lose one leg and one arm David first of all, thank you for being here. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Tell me and tell the listeners a bit about the accident what happened and how this all came to be.
David Morantes: Well, I was riding my motorcycle. It's going on vacation with my fiance at the time my wife now man her family and we were getting ready to meet up and I'm a motorcycle and young man cross the center line of the road hit me head-on has hundred-mile-an-hour accident and almost immediately lost my leg and you know flew into the ditch and hit a sign and lost my arm actually didn't lose my arm, but I you know, man. Hold my arm so bad that you know later they had to take an amputate the arm understood.

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