Clare Krusing is a spokesperson for the Stop the HIT Coalition, the leading group representing small businesses and their employees and their efforts to repeal the health insurance tax. She helps lead their advocacy campaign in Washington to urge Congress to protect small businesses from the increased costs from the HIT. She has worked on a range of health care issues related to the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid for the past ten years.

Clare Krusing:

The Health insurance tax is the tax that was included part of the Affordable Care Act. While it was a financing a mechanism as part of the law, it is actually a sales tax on health insurance. So anyone who's purchasing coverage on their own, or in the case of our coalition, purchasing coverage on behalf of small business employees are paying this tax. It went into effect in 2014 and what we've seen over many many years now, is it makes it much harder for families across the country and especially in Michigan.

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