There's been a lot of talk and quite a bit more debate over the COVID-19 vaccine. Is it a testament to how far science has come or the beginning of the plot line to a dystopian movie...who knows!

However, I personally stand on the side where I will get the vaccine as it becomes available to me as I think it is a step we can all take to stomp out COVID and get back to our normal lives.

So which states are doing the "best" when it comes to the vaccine rollout and where exactly does Michigan stand? Well the New York Times did a deep dive to give us some comprehensive, interactive data to look at and see for ourselves.

In total, about 8.4% of the U.S. population has received "at least one shot" meaning there have been 35,203,710 shots given total.

The American Somoa region is leading the way with 20% of their population at least getting one shot and 11,257 doses total.

Michigan sits pretty much in the middle of the pack, joined by multiple other states, with 8.4% of our population getting at least their first dose of the vaccine and over a million shots have gone into arms.

While each state is in different "phases" of the process in terms of who can get the vaccine and when, as of right now people in Michigan are eligible for the vaccine if they are: 65 years or older, teachers, or what New York Times defined as "Some other essential workers."

I know quite a few people who have gotten their vaccines lately (both first and second doses) including my own mother and sister and while there are some minor side effects, they are proud to have received it and say it was worth it.

For more Michigan-specific vaccine information, check out this webpage from to get all your questions answered.

From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread

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