Thousands of COVID-19 vaccines are set to expire here in the state of Michigan, as the state rapidly tries to get more Michiganders to get vaccinated.

At this current time, 262,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will expire within the next month. Pfizer's doses expire in September, and Moderna expires a month later in October.


Michigan did ship some of the J&J vaccines out to Minnesota.

“We do have a lot in stock that will expire August 31,”  immunization team supervisor of the Ottawa County Department of Public Health, Toni Bulthuis said. “I have about 6,800 in stock right now of Pfizer.”

While we may not see that many vaccines wasted here in the state, we could still see a few thousand unused.

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The next big question to ask is. What do we do with all the left over vaccines?

At this time, there are no current MDHHS guidelines to get rid of the vaccines.

“Right now, we are being told that they are going to try and redistribute these vaccines. So, if pharmacies need them, doctors’ offices need them, they will come to us first so that we can use the vaccines in our freezers first,” Bulthuis said.

Once the vaccines expire, they can no longer be used and taken away to not be used.

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