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Andy Mangione, Senior Vice President for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) Action. Hospital billing.


Imagine paying thousands more for knee surgery at one hospital than the hospital across town charges simply because hospitals are unwilling to provide patients the cost of that surgery, or any other service, beforehand.

Steve Gruber: Andy welcome to the program.
Andy Mangione: Good morning Steve. Thanks for having me.
Steve Gruber: Good to have you and be glad to have you here. So how do we get we've had these conversations on this program people talk about it all the time. If there were just truth and Billy if we knew what we were paying for and pick your service and it wasn't just we go to the hospital and spin the wheel and hope for the best because that's kind of the way it works right now you you have no idea what you're paying for anything. How do we get past that?
Andy Mangione: Price transparency and the president taking a hard. Look at this if everything was transparent as transparent as the sticker price on an automobile or the price of a house Not only would health care prices drop but you would empowered patients and Amber talking in, you know, emergency situations are what they are. But if you have to have a knee replaced why shouldn't you be able to shop for five hospitals in their Hometown see who's got the best price who offers the best service ever? Make an informed decision.

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