How is it that if I listen to the BBC or other foreign broadcasts I get far better news coverage than I get in the United States? Seriously, it seems like all of the American networks have the same page of three or four stories to choose from. They will focus with laser precision on one thing at a time. Right now that is everything Harvey. Then it will be back to Russia and President Trump. It could be North Korea but that would require actual analysis of a dire situation.

Let me give you an example of what should be a story of national interest but is getting almost zero coverage; the dozens of wildfires burning almost unchecked across the western states. Montana has dozens of fires burning that are threatening homes and businesses and you would have no idea if you relied on NBC or ABC to give you news. You would never find out about what’s going on anywhere outside of the country either, except for the occasional terrorist attack that will get attention for a day or two.

These idiots will discuss for five days what Melania Trump wore on her feet and not mention the destructive fires closing in on Seeley, Montana. California is also dealing with one of the worst fire seasons on record but does anybody that cannot smell the smoke or see the flames even know that? Maybe, the folks in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and elsewhere across the west should start tweeting and begging for help the way folks trapped by floodwaters in Texas did.

Seems to me that states like Montana and Wyoming are ignored because they will vote for Trump again in 2020 almost for sure while some believe Texas can be turned around for the left. Seems to me the media is laying in wait, or it was hoping that President Trump would have some sort of spectacular failure in Texas and they would all be there to tell you how incompetent he is. Of course, that didn’t happen so you should expect them to move on soon in search of a new story to focus on and blame the President.

Meanwhile, the Northern White Rhino is down to just three individuals surviving on the planet. They have been massacred to near certain extinction for their horns that are used in China for traditional medicines. The whole sub-species is now relying on a 43 year old male with a low sperm count to mate with one of two females but don’t expect to hear about that on American news networks.

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