A meeting Wednesday night to discuss the possibility of housing children from Central America at a facility in Vassar drew fireworks from area residents.

Residents in Vassar are hoping to block the move

Those with Wolverine Human Services are offering up a 145-bed juvenile facility as temporary shelter for the youth and want community support for the plan.

That is not, however, what they got.

The Detroit News is reporting today that the senior vice president of the Pioneer Work and Learn Center encountered protestors instead.

The demonstration, according to the Saginaw News, was held outside Vasser High School before the meeting.   Protestors carried signs claiming their rights had been violated by being forced to accept the illegals and worried about health concerns to their own children by diseases the immigrants may have brought into the country.

Thousands from Central America are arriving without parental supervision.  Pressure to find permanent homes for them is mounting from those who see them as refugees not illegal immigrants.

Others say there is no distinction to be made and they have to be returned home.

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