In 1994, The Russian Federation signed peace accords with Ukraine, The United Kingdom and the United States. As a result of the Budapest Memorandum Ukraine agreed to give up it’s nuclear weapons and many other military systems and equipment in exchange for security and independence.

The deal was and is clear The Russian Federation would respect the established borders of Ukraine including the Crimea Peninsula and would not use force against the now sovereign nation. Boris Yeltsin signed for the Russians and Bill Clinton for the Americans.

Well fast forward 20 years: Ukraine’s deterrent weapons have long ago been shipped back to Russia. Unable to defend itself because it disarmed voluntarily there was nothing to keep Vladimir Putin’s imperialist romp into the Crimean Peninsula. There is nothing preventing Putin to continue his Cold War vision of rebuilding the Russian Empire.

Ahhhh it is refreshing to see gun control working so well on the world stage. And just think that’s exactly what the progressives want for each and every one of us. It starts with gutting the U.S. military and making us vulnerable to aggressive nations of all sizes and concludes with the confiscation of your privately held firearms.

Carry on comrade. And oh yeah you’ve been warned.