If you think you don't have enough time to get it all done in the morning now, get ready for less time.  Are we gaining more than we're giving up by gaining another hour of daylight?

Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend.  "Springing Forward" means setting our clocks up one hour early Sunday morning.   The time change, to allow for more daylight at the end of the day, used to be from late April through late October.  In recent years, though, that window has been extended from March until November.

Supposedly, the idea was to save on energy.  But has it?   And even if it has, is it worth the initial fatigue around the time change?  You know there will be more car accidents as drivers adjust to the loss of sleep.  The effects, though, normally equalize within a matter of days or weeks.

Some areas don't participate, including Hawaii and parts of Arizona.  Should we?