There is no doubt that Michigan State University's men's basketball team has been suffering a skid of late, but it looks like tensions over trying to find that much-needed win are starting to take their toll.

Altercation between Izzo and female OSU fan


Fox Sports is reporting details of a "situation" between Coach Tom Izzo and a female Ohio State fan on Sunday.  The exchange came just after the Spartan's disappointing 69-67 loss.

Izzo said to have exchanged "words" with the fan just before staffers stepped in and pulled the coach from the confrontation.  When asked about the incident during a postgame press conference, Izzo didn't hold back.  "She was kind of a jerk."  The encounter is said to have occured in the section behind the basket down towards the northeast corner of the floor where MSU was exiting to the locker room.

Izzo didn't try to hide his frustation with the match up either.  "We didn't do much slugging," he said.  "Rebounding and fouls were very one-sided for Ohio State."

MSU's coach seemed particularly offended by the team's lack of toughness.  "If any of you Ohio guys think we're the old smashmouth Michigan State team, you're kidding yourself!"

The Spartans will be a No. 3 seed in the Big Ten tournament.