A proposal that's now off to the state Senate for consideration is generating some words from Michigan musician Kid Rock....and they're not lyrics.

Mlive.com is reporting the Detroit-area rocker is pushing against a proposal that gained approval in the state House this week that would remove from the books a bill that has largely gone unenforced--ticket scalping.

Bill sponsor, state Representative Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw), says individuals should have the right to sell a piece of property they own for whatever price the free market allows.

The current state law, in effect since 1931, makes unapproved ticket scalping a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and jail time.  Law enforcement agencies, though, admit it is rarely enforced.

Kid Rock, though, doesn't care.  He says the law should stay on the books and "should" be enforced.   "It is one measly law that venues have to protect artists and fans from scalpers who want to get rich off the backs of the working man."

The pushback is coming from other well-funded entertainment venues as well.  There is no word yet on how that may influence the vote on the proposal in the Senate and whether the Governor would sign it if it makes it to his desk.