New school lunch guidelines are being proposed to help those who claim there isn't enough time set aside for students to have a healthy meal. 

Michigan is among the majority of states that don't mandate time for eating at school, leaving the decision on time allocation to the individual schools.

The State Department of Education has been inundated with complaints, though, from parents who say their children aren't getting the nutrition they need or deserve, and are often times coming home hungry.  Some are even questioning the choices and portions students are given.

A letter is being sent to schools today offering suggestions on how to change that.  The ideas range from budgeting more time into the schedule specifically for lunch to keeping allocated time for the lunch break the same but switching recess with eating times to allow more flexibility in the schedule.

The FDA, meantime, is requiring more accurate content labels.  Wanting now, for example, defining how many calories are in one serving not the entire can of pop.

The Associated Press is reporting that they're also looking to ban schools from having scoreboards from promoting pop and other high-calorie drinks to children.  They wouldn't be able to advertise regular Coke, but could advertise other company products, like Diet Coke or Dasani water.

The new rules to take effect next year.  No idea yet what the cost will be to school districts in having to make the changes.