Democratic Committeewoman Debbie Dingell is set to make it official today--she's running for the congressional seat held by her husband and his family for decades. 

Dingell, the wife of John Dingell--the longest serving member of Congress now--was identified early on as the perfect candidate for the seat to keep it in democratic hands for years more to come.

The 87 year old congressman said he "could" have run for re-election, but became disallusioned by what he called the acrimony in the chamber.

Debbie Dingell to make her announcement today at three stops in Michigan: Dearborn, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.

Republicans, said to be a short list to try to take over the post, are expected to announce their bid in the coming days and weeks.  Most, prompted into action by the amount of support Republican Terri Lynn Land is getting in her Senate bid to replace Carl Levin in the district that has been solidly democratic for decades.