You know when you see a product on the store shelf that is labeled as "healthy" and think you can believe it.....well maybe not.

According to research by the Environmental Working Group, based in Washington, nearly 500 foods found on those shelves are misrepresenting their product.

A report issue today shows that many of them,including breads, bagels, tortillas and other foods can contain what is known as ADA, or Azodicarbonamide.  ADA is a potentially hazardous industrial plastics chemical.

After calls to remove ADA from the public, Subway Restaurants announced they would do so but stated that ADA is a safe and widely used ingredient for many foods.  In fact, ADA has been approved for use in food by the Food and Drug Administration but is banned as an additive in Australia and some European countries.

Some researchers, though, say abundant evidence indicates that ADA can induce asthma, and other respiratory problems for those with a sensitivity.  They're asked to check labels carefully if such a sensitivity exists.