There are some unclaimed prizes out there that could make for a pretty Merry Christmas for someone.

Lottery officials say a ticket for the Fantasy 5 drawing back on December 12th of 2012 is 'still' worth more than 84-thousand dollars.   That's because no one yet has turned it in! The ticket was purchased in Detroit at the New Merchant Food Center.  The winning numbers....2...5...17...23 and 30.  If it's not redeemed by 4:45 pm on Thursday, the prize will be forfeited.

Meanwhile, another Fantasy 5 ticket is waiting to be turned in as well.  This one was purchased on January 6th of this year.  It's worth more than 200-thousand dollars.  It was purchased at a Meijer gas station in Muskegon.

And a Keno ticket is the biggest prize this session to go unclaimed as yet.  It's worth a quarter-million bucks and is set to expire on Christmas Eve.