First of all, did you know that for $40 you can get a VIP pass for almost any country show? It's awesome!

Recently, I got two of these – one for a Dustin Lynch show, and one for Chase Rice.

Dustin stayed well after the show and signed a bunch of autographs – he seemed to really appreciate the fans and take the time to get to know a little about you. It was as if you were not just another person he was forced to spend time with. He personalized the autographs with more than just a thank you and his name. Dustin seemed to be a genuine person and to really enjoy what he was doing. When I said thank you to him his response was, "It is the fans that make doing what I love possible."

And then there was Chase.

He seemed like meeting the fans was a chore, and he didn't really say anything before signing autographs. He stayed in the same spots for photos, with the same smile, and signed the same thing – "Thank you for coming. –Chase" – for every single person. After speaking with other VIP ticket purchasers I realized they had the same experience I did.

I have photographic evidence. Look how much more fun Dustin is having than Chase.

Here's me and Dustin Lynch:

Dustin Lynch

And here's me and Chase Rice:

Chase Rice

Before going to these concerts, I was a fan of each. After – I ran out and bought Dustin Lynch's CD. If only I could find a way to get my money back for the Chase Rice music I purchased.

Have you ever had that kind of experience while meeting a famous musician?