Nelson Mandela made such an impression on Barack Obama as a young man that some of his first serious work was dedicated to helping the African National Congress and Mandela’s drive to end apartheid.

Obama was one of 7 speakers featured today at Mandela’s funeral. It was the largest funeral in the world since Winston Churchill was laid to rest. So moved by the moment and the man he so revered the President spent some of the time giggling and taking selfies of himself and other world leaders he was seated with. Nothing says class like laughing out loud and taking pictures of yourself at a state funeral.

Can you imagine George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan popping jokes and elbowing your their buddies while taking pictures of themselves at a funeral of a man revered around the world.

What do you think? Are selfies a good idea or a bad idea while attending a funeral?

Ummm my nine year old got this one right already. Like Forrest said “stupid is what stupid does...”.