The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an annual tradition. Many people watch, guys and girls alike. I never realized how controversial this show could actually be.

I watch for the music, celebrity guests, and to see what a $10 million bra actually looks like. According to some of my friends, their significant others are not watching to see what that bra looks like but what Candice Swanepoel looks like in it.

This recently brought up an interesting conversation between a group of girls and myself. Ladies, do you watch the show with your significant other? Most of them said yes, they enjoy watching for the same reasons I do. One friend added was really looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift perform.

Then the conversation got interesting.

Ladies, do you let your significant other watch alone? Several of us said, "Sure what is the problem. You can see more by going to the beach than you see in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show." There was one girl at the table however who said, "NO!! I would never let him watch that alone, I don't even want him to watch it with me. I should be the only girl he is looking at."   Is she right, or over reacting?

How do you feel about the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? Ladies did you watch alone or with your man? Guys, did you watch with or without your lady?