Michigan use to but not anymore.

Did you know that Michigan once had the world’s largest drive-in movie theater?

I did not.

According to an article in Mlive the Ford Drive In in Dearborn at one time was the world’s largest Drive-in movie theater but unfortunately it has been surpassed in size by the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop.

I remember as a child having some exciting and great times going to the Drive-in with my family.  We all packed into the family’s station wagon with our chairs, blankets and food to watch a movie.  There are not many opportunities to do that any longer.

Currently there are only nine Drive-in movie theaters left in the state, there used to be 150.

Some fun facts about the Ford Drive-in movie theater.

  • It used to host 3,000 cars
  • It's open year-round. The Ford Drive-in stays open even during the winter.  To help you with the cold the theater offers in-car heaters.
  • Their main screen is 4 stories high
  • In the summer they have movies that start as late as 2:30 in the morning.

Did you go with your family to the drive-in?

Do you wish there were more drive-in theater’s to take your family or a date to?

Be honest, when you were younger did you attempt to sneak into a drive-in in the trunk of a car?

Life is about making memories, was one of those memories at a Drive-in?

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