A couple days ago I received a video from my uncle who happens to share my political views.  I was not sure what to expect when I read the headline, “FrackNation.” I happened to be home and began to watch the video not realizing it was a whole hour plus long documentary. What I learned while viewing the film is extraordinarily important.

I had never heard of the documentary “Gas Land” a film created by Josh Fox. FrackNation’s purpose, created by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, was to debunk Josh Fox’s Gas Land and to share the truth about hydraulic fracturing also commonly referred to as fracking for natural gas.  Phelim McAleer began retracing the steps of Josh Fox’s accusations about fracking and its harmful effects such as contaminated water, cancer, and earthquakes. One by one Phelim McAleer by way of speaking to the experts revealed the truth about fracking and if you don’t believe me watch it for yourself.

Here is the extraordinarily important part, Josh Fox created an anti-fracking movement that has stagnated fracking all over the world.  What is even more important is that Josh Fox did it through lies, deceit, half-truths and he has become rich doing it. How can we, when we have so many resources at our fingertips be so blind to the truth? We as people have a propensity to be easily moved by our emotions, drawing quick conclusions and acting on those emotions without any further investigation.  In this example of gross hypocrisy led by Josh Fox the emotion is fear.  Fear that our water will be contaminated, fear that we will get cancer, fear that the big bad oil companies are out to get us. Come on people use your head! Do not be controlled by fear and lies! Do your homework. Read, learn and make sound decisions based on fact not on your erratic emotions.

Here is your opportunity. The movie is available here:



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