The left will cry foul over this observation but no matter how you slice it when American Presidents have been gunned down, the killers have always been from the far-left political persuasion. It should come as no surprise, the recent attempted assassination of Republican members of Congress was an insane member of the Bernie Sanders posse. The national media tried, in vain, to suppress the truth but alas we now know the would be murderer carried a hit list of Conservative Republicans. It was his kill list. He failed but only because of an unexpected security team in Virginia with Congressman Steve Scalise.

If you think this is an isolated incident, you’re wrong. Let me explain.

He was young, awkward and extremely angry. Politicians whom he believed were lining their pockets while ignoring the workingman in America had disillusioned him. The most fervent left-wing firebrands who promoted atheism, socialism and abortion fueled his political theology and gave rise to his insatiable rage. By the time he reached the reception in Buffalo he’d purchased a gun because he believed if he could get close enough he could pull the trigger, murder the President and launch a second American revolution. He dreamed of his people rising up to tear down the government.

On September 6th, he reached the front of the line when the President reached out to shake his hand Leon swept it aside and with his .32 caliber revolver concealed by a hanker chief; he thrust the gun forward firing twice at point blank range. The President would linger for a little more than a week but the shots were fatal. Leon’s demented leftist anger had claimed the third President by assassination in just thirty-five years. William McKinley died from infection eight days later.

Leon Czolgosz had pulled off his murderous plot under the socialist banner of Emma Goldman and Margaret Sanger but his dream of sparking a revolution faded away. He was instead shackled and dragged off to prison. The new President Teddy Roosevelt declared the destruction of anarchists like Czolgosz the top national priority.

Just forty-five days after McKinley succumbed to his injuries Leon Czolgosz was strapped to an electric chair. Defiant to the end and still faithful to his socialist revolt he uttered, “I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people, the good working people, I am not sorry for my crime.” Three powerful surges of 1,800 volts coursed though his body in quick succession and he was pronounced dead.

The vile and misguided attacks on Western Civilization by socialists, Marxists, anarchists and all stripes of progressives is sadly nothing new but it could be seeing a revival the likes of which we have not witnessed in our lifetimes.

Twenty years earlier in 1881, disillusioned with his life and American politics another socialist Charles Guiteau who spent considerable time in the Oneida Utopian communities of the day shot President James Garfield who lingered for eleven weeks before dying. Before that there was John Wilkes Booth a southerner who despised the Republican President embraced human bondage and who set his sights on killing President Lincoln, which he did in April, 1865. The resurrection of the southern states he hoped to trigger collapsed the moment he fired his pistol.

More recently a communist sympathizer and American defector with a nineteen dollar Italian rifle shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald had denounced his American citizenship a couple years before shooting Kennedy in Dallas.

Every single assassin of American Presidents had deep ties to nefarious hard left groups and strong left wing socialist-progressive beliefs that fueled their anger and drove them to murder our nations leader. They did so because they believed they held the moral high ground and had a right and a duty to kill the President. You see they knew better than everyone else.

This is not a coincidence. What’s worse is that more of these kinds of attacks are coming. They are coming because the left has encouraged this kind of rampant violence from the murder of police officers in Dallas, to rioting in Ferguson, the left has set the tone for the long hot summer ahead. While free-thinking Conservatives are shouted down and openly attacked the left pretends to care about free speech and liberty for their fellow citizens. It just isn’t true anymore for a whole wing of the Democratic Party or the new militant socialist movement in America. They believe that they not only have the right to protest but they are obligated to attack those they don’t agree with. Simply calling people names and hurling insults at those that subscribe to a different point of view isn’t enough anymore. Now they are emboldened to bloody them, hurt them and sometimes even kill them.

The violent left has a long history of spilling blood and killing political leaders in America and many of these groups are the very definition of what a hate group is. I wonder how long it will take until the Southern Poverty Law Center updates it’s list and gets some prominent alt-left groups included? Never mind because that will never happen.

Remember you have been warned about the vile and violent alt-left because they will be back very soon.

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