In a new world order where Hillary Clinton can openly break the law with reckless abandon and be recognized as such by former FBI Director James Comey just before he excuses the criminal behavior in a bizarre July news conference, is the same world where the same discredited James Comey can claim, without evidence to have written a memo where he purports President Trump asked him to give former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn a break and instead focus on White House leaks of national security importance. The media celebrated Comey in July. But them in October denigrated the swaggering media gadfly when he announced that the Hillary investigation was back in full swing, only to announce a few days later it was over again.

I mean seriously James Comey has what I like to call zero credibility and that would be the case if he were making such bizarre allegations against anyone in the world except one; Donald J. Trump. The globalist left wing media cabal remains so angry that little people were able to pull enough levers in enough places to make Trump President that they will not rest until they destroy him and his Presidency. And they do not care what the cost is. If America is disemboweled and good people are destroyed they do not care. If the truth is set afire in pursuit of slaying the Trump dragon they do not care. They will embrace any former enemy, regurgitate any lie and posit any preposterous theory that defies any semblance of logic and common sense; just as long as they can destroy the demon that is threatening their very socialist, one-world government, total control and liberty-destroying juggernaut.

They will dismiss the Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor as liars without a shred of proof as long as they can destroy Donald Trump.

Nothing else matters to these people. They don’t care about the truth or plausibility or the permanent damage they will do to the Republic and they will never hold themselves responsible for any of it. The left never does. Instead they will reinvent history and write the story to make themselves the heroes despite their destruction of truth and the Constitution. They will burn the institutions of America without regard as long as they can expel the interloper.

But it is not the very predictable behavior of Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer or Elijah Cummings. Their actions in pursuit of their political agenda is sadly expected. So let me be clear where I will lay the blame of the ruin that likely lies ahead where it rightfully belongs: with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Congressman Justin Amash and a hoard of locusts trying to disguise themselves as journalists. But I caution you all; do not underestimate President Trump, far too many people have fallen into the trap but at the same time do not underestimate how low his enemies will go in an effort to destroy him and his administration before they can even get started.

This could be a fight to the death; let us hope it is not the death of America in the end.

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