Just so I understand why CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and other major news outlets are hyperventilating; from what I understand James Comey the former Director of the FBI allegedly wrote a memo following a meeting with President Trump in February. The memo which not one news outlet has yet to actually see, allegedly accuses the President of some impropriety of suggesting the FBI stop focusing, so intently on General Michael Flynn and instead spend more time on tracking down the illegal leaks that led to Flynn’s firing earlier in the month.

The feeding frenzy is so intense that normally honest and professional news organizations are jumping to conclusions, talking about crimes committed and following it all the way to a Senate trial for Impeachment of the President Donald Trump.

Again, not one member of the media has seen this alleged memo. Nobody. Yet they have all been convinced of the President’s guilt of something. I think they are focusing on obstruction of justice suggesting Trump somehow impeded the investigation that the FBI already concluded has led somewhere into the middle of nowhere.

I have an idea; how about James Comey release the memo right now and that way the media outlets that are defecating themselves can actually have something of substance to discuss. Now having gone over all of this, there are basically two possible outcomes. First, Comey himself obstructed justice by not pursuing the alleged comments by the President for which there is no evidence by the way. Or as I find to be much more likely, there is nothing of substance in Comey’s memo, that is if there is a memo.

At any rate I will wait to hyperventilate over much more important things like the impending doom of polar bears, Michael Moore’s newest movie and imminent meteor strike that is bound to happen during someone’s lifetime.

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