It is interesting to have been in Texas this past week. The folks there are understandably disgusted with the American governments hubris about Ebola… right until it was clear the CDC, The White House and a host of other clowns had once again demonstrated clear uncontested incompetence.

Around the country Republicans are surging. It seems the GOP will roll to a new majority in the US Senate. One holdout will apparently be Michigan. It seems Terry Lynn Land may have been a candidate just too weak for prime time.

However events are still moving quickly or as the White House likes to say it’s a ‘fluid situation’ and that means the October of many surprises may not be over. Where will the next Ebola patient be? What if it’s Michigan? What if a key ISIS terrorist is identified as a Michigan native would that be enough to make the race competitive coming down the backstretch? Maybe and maybe not.

My concern is that when ISIS takes off the head of Peter Kassig on a video it will play for the world it will be seen as old news. It seems that Barack Obama’s America is so laden with scandal and crisis that many of us simply have crisis fatigue. We have seen too much, heard too much and just don’t care anymore.

It’s time we wake up and take back Michigan and the nation but I wonder who still has the strength to do that.