Remember last year's weather with record low temperatures and record high snowfall amounts?  Forecasters say this winter will be more moderate--at least in some way.

Michigan "likely" to see a more moderate winter, at least that's how it looks now is reporting today that the weather predictors issued their annual forecast that they say "looks" to be better, but admit there is some speculation on conditions.

The forecast was based primarily on the premise of a weal El Nino.  Few other factors on predicting the severity of the winter season are as yet available.

They found that graphics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, shows Michigan's winter is likely to be drier than normal.  They place the state in an area with an estimated 40% reduction in precipitation.  While that could mean less rain and snow, it doesn't mean we're looking at no snow.

As for temperatures, forecasters say there is a good chance we will "not" see the prolonged extreme cold of last year.   The graph shows Michigan with a better than 30% chance of warmer conditions in the Northern lower and Upper Peninsula.  And a 66% percent chance of more moderate temperatures in the southern two-thirds of the state.

NOAA came out with it's predictions for the entire country, but admits time will only tell on what Mother Nature really has in store for us.

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