Governor Rick Snyder held the fifth of his scheduled ten town hall-style forums Thursday with an appearance at an Ingham County high school.  But while the building was filled with enthusiastic supporters and undecided voters, the visit also generated some criticism.

Snyder's take on education, opportunities for women and his debate with challenger Mark Schauer

The governor made his visit to Haslett High School in Meridian Township last night to discuss a host of issues including educational strides, opportunities for women and his recent debate with gubernatorial challenger and former congressman Mark Schauer.

In a one-on-on interview with me, the governor talked about the face-off--the one and likely only time--he'll be sharing a stage with Schauer.

Much has been made recently about the importance of female voters in this election cycle.  Both Republicans and Democrats have been criticized with trying to pay "lip-service" to this crucial voting block.  But Snyder says the effort to bring opportunities to women in the state and beyond has been a target of the administration since the beginning.  As a father of two daughters, he said, he wants to make sure they have the same opportunities as his son.

Snyder said education is key to giving everyone in Michigan the ability to succeed.

Those who claim the governor cut education took their message to those attending Thursday's event.  Members of the United Auto Workers protested outside of the school claiming Schauer is the better candidate.  Recent polls, though, indicate Snyder has the edge in these final weeks before the election.  Five more town hall events are scheduled in the coming weeks.

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