Governor Rick Snyder has signed new legislation to target individuals driving under the influence of drugs.  This was prompted by an accident that occurred in July 2013.  Russell Ward and Koby Raymo were hit by a repeat drugged driver in a head on collision.

The legislation was signed on Tuesday.  It will allow police to conduct a preliminary roadside analysis for controlled and other intoxicating substances.  If an individual is arrested for for drugged driving they will be put on a a conditional bond and their information will be entered into a law enforcement database. The offenders are also subject to the same restrictions and penalties that drunken drivers are. 

The bill was sponsored by State Representative Dan Lauwers (R-St. Clair County's Brockway Township) and State Senator Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair Township).

The legislation was signed in a private ceremony.  The families of both Ward and Raymo were in attendance.