One more issue Governor Snyder can push in efforts to win reelection this November.  The state's jobless rate fell to its lowest rate in September of the entire year.  But the news is not all good.

The Detroit News is reporting today that the numbers now stand at 7.2%.  The breakdown indicates that 6,000 fewer workers were filing for benefits with 3,000 more men and women looking for work.  In all, the article, said 9,000 found work during the month.

"The state's jobless rate has trended down since the start of 2014, declining by six-tenths of a percentage point since January, while payroll jobs have been on a mostly upward swing since May," said Jason Palmer, director of the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives.

Despite the decline in the unemployment rate in September, Michigan's numbers are still worse than the national rate of 5.9%.

The issue of job creation in the state has been a major focus in the gubernatorial election.

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