Whether you always get a flu shot or never get one, this year doctors are advising taking the chance at the protection.  They claim the cost of "not" being vaccinated could be much higher than expected.

MSN.com is reporting today that as many as 20% of us stand a good chance of getting the flu and that the benefits of taking your medicine now far outweigh the disadvantages of skipping the annual ritual.

Most insurance companies cover the injections.

But those at the CDC Foundation say the cost of treatment of those who become ill is upwards of $87 billion annually.   Businesses estimate the cost of lost productivity for illnesses at more than $16 billion.

The article quotes the CDC as saying there should be enough of the flu vaccine to go around.  As of Mid-August, they estimated nearly 160 million doses would be available for this influenza season.

While now is the perfect time to get the shot, doctors say it's really never too late to be vaccinated.

They recommend everyone get the medication, but especially those who are most vulnerable, including children and the elderly.

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