What if James Comey’s ‘October Surprise’ was just a ruse to motivate otherwise uninspired Democrats to get off the couch and vote? What if it’s just another slick inside move by team Clinton to inject fear into it’s legions of low information voters. The voters that were beginning to think she would win in a walkaway and therefore they didn’t really need to vote.

Is it possible?

Well I must say Comey’s so called ‘bombshell’ is awfully unusual and played right into the hands of those having a very hard time ginning up support for the candidate that may be the most disliked in history. Lets face it people do not like Hillary Clinton. No, not one little bit. Even those that are voting for her say they don’t like her. The hardest thing in the world is to motivate voters who don’t like someone to lull the handle for that person.

The Comey Effect may however trigger a surge for the Democrats. We will have to wait and see but what if it was just the most perfect head-fake of all time. Poitically speaking that is.

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