A couple of weeks ago the Democrats thought they were on track to reclaim the US Senate from the Republicans. It has beena very tough map for the GOP this year as they had a lot more seats to defend. However, over the past two weeks the polls have been moving steadily away from the Democrats and back to incumbent Republicans.

Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Joe Heck in Nevada have now moved into the lead in their respective states and the polling indicates they have picked up the momentum. They will win their races I believe.

Other states are also looking safer for the Republicans with just a few days to go including Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Missouri.

The biggest shock is in Wisconsin, where Russ Feingold, the former Democratic Senator is challenging Republican Ron Johnson for the seat. Johnson was considered a dead man walking because he was running behind by 12 to 15 points. That was until Friday because polls all over the nation have been rocked by the new revelations of Hillary Clinton emails possibly in possession of Anthony Weiner. Now Feingold and Johnson are in a dead heat.

I dare say if the trends continue the Republicans will not only hold onto the majority they currently enjoy in the US Senate but may even maintain the 54 seats they have already. That by the way sets the stage for 2018 when they are poised to pick up numerous seats in states like North Dakota and Montana.

I guess it’s beginning to look like the Republicans will win either way.