It’s funny how the national media has been harping on how Donald Trump is winning with white voters in the country but seem to ignore this fact when evaluating the projected outcome on Election Day. Why not apply that metric to the states with the most potential white voters. States like Wisconsin, Minnesota and New Hampshire are all better than 85% white. New Hampshire is actually 94% white.

New polling shows Donald Trump moving into a lead in New Hampshire and is rising in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. I think based on polling and what we are all told every day about white voters supporting Trump by wide margins for both men and women then these states are ripe for the picking by the GOP candidate. If he does pick up wins in those states I think you should take a close look at how the votes broke along ethnic lines.

Oh, and one more thing; do you remember how far Donald Trump outperformed the polls time and again during the primary season? You may want to take that into consideration too.

Right now it seems to me that Donald Trump is going to win the White House by winning in places like North Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire but he could also find a path paved with white voters in the upper Midwest too.