Who would have thought that with just 3 days to go before the Presidential election that Hillary Clinton would be flying back to Detroit in the hopes of stopping her eroding support. New polling finds the race in Michigan well within the margin of error now and the Clinton campaign is making big media buys and sending the candidate in hoping to shore up her support.

The Detroit News says the problem may be with flagging support among African Americans. Several other issues have become a drag on the former Secretary of States campaign as well. Recent revelations about skyrocketing Obamacare healthcare premiums began the descent a couple of weeks ago. That was followed by a startling bombshell that the FBI is re-opening it’s investigation into Hillary Clintons email scandal. Coupled with continued Wikileaks news almost every day shining a spotlight on the dishonest behavior of Clinton staffers and key advisers has also fueled her problems with voters.

I can say without reservation if Donald Trump wins Michigan he will be the next President. If Hillary wins here it will certainly help too. Who would have thought just a week ago that Michigan would be the King Maker?

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