Congressman Tim Walberg Michigan's 7th congressional district.

Scot Bertram - Congress Good morning thanks for joining us here on the Steve Gruber Show

Tim Walberg - Well it's great to be with you and glad to have a phone back on the line

Scot Bertram - Well yeah every now and then right. I will ask about impeachment in a second, but I saw this tweet here yesterday and it reminded me of the governors actions, well about a month ago or so. Yesterday Governor Whitmer here in Michigan made a big deal about wanting to cut the opioid related deaths in Michigan in half in the next 5 years. Hey that's a great goal, a good target, but as you mention in your tweet. Just a month ago or so, the governor cut funding for a long term opioid rehabilitation home in Jackson, in your district. One that is already under construction correct?

Tim Walberg - Right. They had a ground breaking and the Governor was there.

Gov't Whitmer wants less Opiods in Michigan, but cut funding to as well.

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