Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe they didn't know.

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Maybe no one clearly explained how kidnapping ANYONE, let alone a government official, is a bad thing.

And if you're caught, you're going to jail.

Like jail, jail.

Not Orange Is The New Black jail.

Not Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence "Life" jail.

Tell me HOW and WHEN this came up at the party?

I'm sure by now you've heard all about the plot to kidnap "Big Gretch" because people weren't necessarily into her Covid-19 restrictions.

I'm just curious. Who fired who up enough (and how much liquor was involved) where someone finally said, "Yeah, we could totally do that"?

Beyond that, they crafted and created scenarios. Freakin' practiced. Built a mock set up of her vacation home and were well on their way to carrying this crazy plan out.

To kidnap a government official that they had a difference of opinions with.

This isn't a third world country.

She wasn't a dictator who was performing atrocities against women and children of a "war crime" nature.

And whatever side of the Covid-19 coin you fall on and whatever disagreement you might come up with, when did kidnapping get put on the table?

When did you and the boys decide you'd form a posse to go get her and...

Yeah. Then what?

Supposed you'd gone through with it?

And I'm not getting political here but I'm just wondering, when did we all get so gung ho and fired up about not getting our way and disagreeing with something that we take such extreme measures?

Kidnapping and killing a woman because she's the elected official and she did something that irritated and inconvenienced you?

What level of Bizarro world are we in now?

People are Covid Crazy.


Who remembers this?

We went from hydroxychloroquine to horse and cow de-wormer to treat Covid-19? For real?

The NY Post published an article that the FDA has had to issue a warning to COVID sufferers about the dangers of using a horse and cow de-wormer to treat their symptoms.

The warning came after a report about the rise in phone calls to poison control centers from people using the drug Ivermectin, which is commonly used to treat things like heartworm in horses and other animals.

Read More: Officials: Stop Taking Animal Medicine to Protect Against COVID

Does it feel like we've gone completely mad? Do we really have to tell people not to kidnap or take out acts of violence against those we have a difference of opinions with?

Do we really have to tell people to NOT take livestock medication to fight something we actually have a vaccine for?

Why are people being so stubborn and bullheaded and unforgiving and unloving?

Does it feel like the ignorance is overwhelming?

The hate is oppressive and the love is gone?

We have almost zero compassion and love.

But when fear and lack of control take over instead of common sense and maybe a little prayer, grabbing your guns and forming a posse sounds like a good idea.

Have you even visited a prison before?

Imagine having to stay there. Because you didn't get your way and you almost kidnapped a woman.

Think it through next time people.

Unless the idea of three hots and a cot is your idea of fun for about 6 years.

And oh yeah, they absolutely LOVE SNITCHES in prison.

So I've heard.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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