Unlock Michigan has rolled past 400,000 signatures
Unlock Michigan has rolled past 400,000 signatures, which means the citizens of Michigan will likely remove from Governor Whitmer the unfettered power of continuing to run the state by her iron fist. The group only needed 340,000 signatures and therefore is already in safe territory and rolling fast…
Joe Biden sits another one out
Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee for President is sitting another one out. It seems the Covid threat is just too much for a 78 year old candidate to deal with, so Old Joe won’t be going to Milwaukee to accept his parties nomination for President. Instead he will accept in Delaware…
It’s Not Safe to Keep Schools Closed
Localities around the United States are taking different approaches on sending kids back to school with the Los Angeles and San Diego Counties school districts recently deciding to stay home and go virtual, meanwhile the state of Florida is planning to re-open.