A new report by the Tax Foundation found that it will take us Americans an average of 114 days into the new work year to afford our nation’s tax bill.

I simply ask the question when is enough an enough?

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that we will pay nearly $5 trillion dollars in taxes that includes the following:

  • $3.3 trillion in federal taxes
  • $1.6 trillion in state and local taxes.

My fellow taxpaying American’s that is approximately one third of our national income.

The report breaks down the numbers even further:

“This year, Americans will work the longest to pay federal, state, and local individual income taxes (46 days). Payroll taxes will take 26 days to pay, followed by sales and excise taxes (15 days), corporate income taxes (nine days), and property taxes (11 days). The remaining seven days are spent paying estate and inheritance taxes, customs duties, and other taxes.”

We as a nation really have to get our priorities right.  We need to pay taxes and most people understand that and are in agreement with that, but the question is: what are taxes we are paying being used for.

There are approximately 262 work days in a year.  Do we really need to work 114 of those days to pay our government bills?

We need to right size our government to its originally intent and then pay our taxes happily. That is all many of us are asking.

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