For the sixth time in seven Democratic races Bernie Sanders, the dedicated socialist who honeymooned in communist Russia, has posted another big win over Hillary Clinton. This time he rolled over the former First Lady in Wisconsin, the woman who was widely expected to run away with the nomination on her way to the White House.

The latest big win for Bernie gives the proud Marxist big momentum heading into the next huge prize, one that could really set the tone for remainder of the race, New York on April 19, 2016.

Of course New York is the state that Hillary served as a United States Senator from 2001 through 2009, when she left and became Secretary of State. It was thought until now that Bernie would have no chance but Bernie is scoring win after win after win.

In fact, for the first time now, the Democrats are discussing the possibility of a brokered convention. What? Yeah, the left wing media is trying as hard as possible to ignore the Bernie problem but it is a big problem, not just for Hillary but for the Democratic Party.

Here is the truth that no one has told you; if Bernie wins it will be the end of the Democratic Party. Those on the left want so much to tell you how Donald Trump is bad for the Republican Party. The truth is, an outspoken and proud supporter of Marxism and Marxist policies, Bernie Sanders will be the death knell of the Democratic Party.

Either way, Bernie Sanders has damaged the Democratic Party permanently. That is just the way it is.