Everyday starting Monday April 4, 2016 I want to end every show with what’s great about America. I want to talk about the great things we have accomplished as a nation. I want to stand up be counted and be heard. It is time to be proud again.

On Monday we will kick off with Whitney Houstons Super Bowl Star Spangled Banner- and on Tuesday we will do Red Skeltons Pledge of Allegiance.

Some days we will talk about Henry Ford or World War II or Thomas Jefferson… every day I want to remind you about why America is the greatest nation in the history of nations.

I will take in put from the staff, friends, listeners- it may be a lesson about a person or a place or a great achievement like landing on the moon.

It seems to me people are not taught the basic fundamentals and truth about America and I think we need to. No make that we must do that going forward.

So every single day we will end with a lesson on America and why she is the greatest nation- period and why we must fight to defend her!

Who is with me???