The Bureau of Labor Statistics just reported that there were approximately 56,700 really good paying coal miners jobs across the U.S. as of March 2016. At first you would think, wow that is great news. Well hold your enthusiasm because that number is down about 11,200 jobs from March 2015 when there where 67,900 coal miners who had those great paying jobs.

What head winds has the coal miners been facing? Well there has been increased competition from natural gas but the real problem is President Obama and the Democrat parties attack on their jobs from their policies, there man made Global Warming religion policies.

Now I ask you middle class do you think the President and the Democrat party really cares about you, your family and your future?

As I always say, do not believe what they say but the laws and policies that they vote yes on and implement.

They care more about their ideologue, money and power then they do you. When are you going to finally realize that?

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