The forecast for Friday’s home opener for the Detroit Tigers could be the coldest ever for the team. The forecast is for 38 degrees which is a touch higher than the coldest ever recorded which also came on April 8th but that one was back in 1985 when the mercury stood at 37 degrees and also delivered a half-inch of snow.

One model however is showing the temperature at Comerica Park could be several degrees colder come game time. In fact it shows the mercury might not even make it above freezing and could settle in between 31 and 34 degrees.

As if that isn’t enough, how about some wind for the festivities? Well you’re in luck because the wind will be blowing up to 15 miles per hour which will drive the wind chill into the high teens.

Wow- whatever happened to Global Warming? I’ll bet the boys of summer would sure like some Global Warming, any Global Warming in fact would make the dugout a bit more tolerable.

As it is, it’s more likely to be by far the coldest opening day for baseball in the city of Detroit, ever!