There is another fine group of young people that are gathering to protest Donald Trump and they are doing it by saying “F your flag” while walking on the American flag on the ground.

This is the newest generation we have raised in America. You must be as proud as I am. We raised these spoiled degenerate children who happily embrace blatant ignorance of America. These kids don’t know any better because they have never been taught better. In fact, based on their behavior it would appear that they may well have been raised by wolves. Dim witted wolves I admit but wolves nonetheless.

We have allowed leftists out of the teachers lounge and into the classroom that blame America for just about everything that has ever gone wrong in the world. They blame America for racism, genocide, imperialism, misogyny, hunger, poverty, global warming, deforestation, rising sea levels, slums, litter, hurricanes, garbage dumps, bad breath, bed bugs and common diarrhea. I mean if not for America I would have minty fresh breath all day long and never need Imodium AD. (closed circuit laugh for Mike)

These latest groups of degenerate thugs are protected by the First Amendment and have every right under the American Constitution to desecrate the flag and stomp all over it no matter who it irritates or offends. They also have the right to remain as simple-minded punks here in America. They are not required to have one valuable thought during their entire wretched, worthless existence.

Yes they have the right to do this and they can do it while protesting Donald Trump at his campaign events.

In fact, I think this is a great idea. It is a great idea to see what true progressives think about our flag, our country and our people, including you and me. Like my mother taught me; the greatest thing about the freedom of speech is being able to hear and see just how stupid some people really are so that I never need to act that way.

Thank you mom and God bless America. No matter what the bottom feeders from the liberal cesspools that sometimes seep into the streets in this country have to say.