As reported by the Lansing State Journal when asked about the mysterious payout to Lansing City Attorney, Mayor Virg Bernro stated during a Lansing State Journal editorial board meeting:

If you think I messed up here, there will be an election and you can vote against me. I'm telling you, I did what was in the best interests of the city.

Now does that sound upfront and honest to you?

Might he be trying to hide something about the entire affair?

Both Democrat Mayor Bernero and the former city attorney have repeatedly declined to explain why she left her job or more importantly why the city had to pay her over $160,000 dollars.

The City Council is still attempting to find out why she was paid that huge sum when she resigned, as well as why her contract with the city is missing.  To date the $160,000 dollar plus payout and her missing contract has yet to be explained.

There will be a committee meeting tonight at City hall and it is open to the public.

Mayor Berner said that it is very difficult for him to keep track of all the documents he signs.  Does that sound like a reasonable answer to you?  I do not expect him to keep track of all of the documents but we all should expect someone in the city government to do so.  If the city thought you were not paying the correct amount of taxes would they accept the excuse that you cannot be expect to keep track of all your records to back up your numbers on your tax form?

As I said before something is amiss in Lansing and it appears now we must call in Sherlock Holmes to find out what that is.

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