The Democrats buoyed by their willing supporters in the national press have been swarming President Trump and his tweet that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Screaming it is ‘fake news’ and the charges are unsubstantiated, the mob is screaming that he must be delusional or a conspiracy theorist.

I am here to give fair warning to those protesting so loudly.

You see, it is clear from multiple sources including The New York Times and the BBC that wiretapping was in fact going on and it resulted in the jam for National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. It is likely to result in others getting jammed up too but maybe not the ones you would think. If one protests too much or too loudly as have some from the former administration it has to give you pause to wonder why.

Meanwhile, the former President has not made any public appearance to deny the shocking accusations in person. Instead Barack Obama issued a statement of two ‘denying in the strongest terms’ the idea that his administration would have been listening in on the conversations of Trump or members of his team.

Nearly every major news outlet has been banging the drum of ‘unsubstantiated’ allegations from President Trump. They’ve paraded so called experts and pundits and said it could not have happened or there is no way it could have happened. It just isn’t true and President Trump has no proof.

Well they are correct he has no proof, until he does.

I would have been a lot more careful in my comments if I were on the left because in a world where your phone and your TV can spy on you, don’t be surprised to learn that people in government may have actually used that exact technology,

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