A 21 year old University of Michigan student Halley Bass pled guilty the other day to fabricating a “hate crime” in which she told the police an unknown white male approached her and slashed her face with a safety-pin.

Ms. Bass admitted she scratched her own face with a pin after becoming frightened by a classroom discussion in her women’s literature class.

Yes a classroom discussion in her women’s literature class, maybe U of M should cancel or at least boycott their women’s literature class.

The Michigan Daily reported that Ms. Bass plead guilty to one count of falsely reporting a misdemeanor.  She now faces a maximum of 93 days in jail, a $500 fine or both.

According to an Ann Arbor Police Department report the police became suspicious when Ms. Bass did not appear in surrounding businesses’ surveillance footage at the time and location of the alleged assault. Ms. Bass later admitted to the Ann Arbor police that she cut her own face after becoming upset during a discussion in her women’s literature class.

The article quoted Ms. Bass stating:

I had been in a discussion in my women's lit weirdly and there were a few people in my class that sort of said some things that scared me.  It was more like I wanted a concrete reason to be scared then to just talk, I guess.

What was said in her women’s literature class that could have scared her to the point of harming herself?

Obviously Ms. Bass is suffering from some other issues and the point of this article is not to pick on Ms. Bass and what other problems she is dealing with which would make her resort to these actions.  The point of my article is that you can no longer believe anyone these days, just because they said something happened, when it comes to a male being accused of something from a female on a college campus.

Is it fair for me to say that?

I do not like having to make the statement about whether to believe a female college student concerning what might have happened to her on a college campus but this is happening more frequently on college campuses.

For example a Muslim student at U of M received national attention after claiming a man forced her to remove her hijab and threatened to light her on fire. Well guess what, that alleged “hate crime” also turned out to be false.

Do you want more evidence to back up my statement, well here it is:

According to a Daily Caller article an 18-year-old New York woman has been charged with two criminal counts after allegedly making false rape accusations that led to two male students to leave Sacred Heart University.

In that case a female student in her attempt to get empathy from a guy she liked, reportedly made up a rape hoax against two Sacred Heart football players she had sex with last October.

We must take these cases on an individual basis and not be so quick to judge people on the original claim.

We have a problem now where criminal cases are "trial by media": when someone is accused of a crime and a headline is written, most people make a judgement of guilt or innocence immediately and don't budge on that view based on evidence. Instead, they seek out evidence that validates their view.

I feel like this is a new phenomenon, brought about by the rise of 24-hour news, and lately with anytime-anywhere internet news.

So parents now must be concerned about what their son’s might be accused of in the environment that now exist on college campuses today.

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