The FBI has finished a months’ long counterintelligence investigation into the Russian attempt to somehow manipulate our election process.

According to a report from the news site Circa they did not have “enough” evidence to charge anyone criminally.

I want to make sure you all read that correctly “no evidence”.

FBI Agents who investigated the claims of computer server activity tied to Russia and then President-elect-Trump’s businesses in New York’s Trump Towers came to the conclusion that there was “no disreputable contacts, financial transactions or encrypted communications occurred with the Russians”.

In the Circa article FBI agents stated they are frustrated over the representation in the media of their investigation of Russia’s activities, in fact their quote was:

We have people spouting off who don’t know the difference between FISA surveillance and a wiretap or a counterintelligence probe versus a special prosecutor criminal case, and it has hurts our ability to get to the truth and has wrongly created the impression that intelligence officials have a political agenda

The report stressed that Americans are routinely incidentally intercepted when the FBI monitors foreign individuals like Russian embassy officials. They also stated that a warrant was not necessary to review their conversations because it was a national security matter and the included Michael Flynn.

Will this finally put to bed the accusations that the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians during the campaign, of course not!  This is now in the political cyclone of deceit and the purpose of these allegations has nothing to do with keeping Russian out of our business but has everything to do with undermining the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Would you agree?

The line from the Democrats during the campaign was the investigations into Benghazi, IRS scandal and the Hillary Clinton email server turned up no evidence so they said it was time to move on.

OK if it was good enough for them it is good enough for me.  It is time to move on to allow President Trump to govern this nation and implement the policies he stated and many voted for during his campaign.

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