Wiki-leaks caught the world and the United States Government off guard Tuesday morning when it dumped more than 8,500 pages of the inner-workings of the US spy game when it comes high tech hacking and digital espionage.

The dump is bigger than the revelations made by Edward Snowden several years ago and could be far more damaging to national security. It is also far more revealing when it comes to watching American citizens.

It is fairly safe to assume at this point that American citizens are being monitored pretty much all the time from a variety of angles. In fact in one stark and shocking revelation it appears the US Government knew about holes if you will in the workings of IPhones, androids and other devices and then paid to make sure they would stay there.

Edward Snowden himself took to Twitter to point out some of the more shocking bits of information coming out:

If you can imagine a world where the CIA and the United States Government spend it’s time and capital figuring out how to keep tabs on you through your phone, television, computer and possibly a whole host of other devices then you can imagine what is happening today. It seems it has been going for years. Edward Snowden only brought it to our attention to begin with. Since that time the efforts have been expanded many times over.

Lets be honest, you’ve known for a very long time that just about everything you did was being watched by somebody and likely several somebodies. Your cell phone can be tracked and turned on remotely. You TV can be turned on to listen and watch you. Your computer can do the same. We have learned in recent months that other household devices that are hooked to a smartphone can pretty much all be exploited by outside forces. Baby monitors to home security systems can be turned around and be used to spy on you and your family.

It’s pretty obvious that every call you make, every email you send, every single thing you buy using a credit card either from home or in a store is in a database. Don’t think for a second that the FBI or CIA couldn’t put together a very specific and detailed report about you and everyone around you on a moments notice.

Some things are supposed to be private like medical records. Do you really believe that such things are actually sacred and are sealed from prying eyes? If you do then you are far more optimistic than I am at this point.

Lets take a look at things that have computer chips in them today that may be able to give feedback to a monitor somewhere out of sight. Ok- the smart phone is obvious, then the smart tv but don’t stop there think about every single appliance in your house that is less than a few years old. Your microwave, dishwasher, toaster, washing machine, gaming system, nest devices like thermostats and door locks are also getting commandeered in this technological tsunami.

Wiki-leaks said this is only part one. And with so much to plow through I expect revelations daily from these dumps.

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