Apparently Michigan farmers are concerned about what some are calling stricter illegal immigration enforcement by President Trump. The Michigan farmers are worried that this new idea which is basically saying that we will now follow the law of the land could hurt their businesses because they have already have a shortage of migrant workers.

According to an article published in the Detroit News a southwest Michigan farmer said he needs approximately 225 laborers this year to harvest his crops. Many of his pickers come from Florida and Texas which he believes could be frighten to travel north to Michigan. He also has day laborers who come from Mexico, last year he utilized 144 laborers through a federal temporary agriculture worker visa program and he believes they may not want to travel in the United States.

In fact this southwest Michigan farmer was quoted in the article stating:

If I didn’t have migrant labor, I couldn’t plant it

The question for me is why are immigrants who are here legally with temporary visas or hold green cards so concerned about what President Trump will do with illegal immigrants.

I will tell you why, because they believe the outright deceiving which is coming from the Democrat party, the people who vote for them and the Left Stream Manipulative Media (LSMM) that President Trump and the Republicans are coming after people who are here legally.

This is why we can not allow these politicians, Pundit's, "news" media people and the voters who tell others their parties talking points to continue to deceive people without being called out for the deceit they spread. Because of these deceitful people these farmers in Michigan and other states around the country are harmed.

What surprised me was according to the Detroit News article:

The number of foreign workers allowed on Michigan farms has surged nearly 14 fold from 276 laborers in 2011 to 3,800 last year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Overall, about 40,000 to 45,000 migrant workers come to Michigan annually to help pick crops, according to the Michigan Farm Bureau

Why such a huge increase in 5 years, what caused that number to explode?

What we must understand is the deceit peddled by the LSMM, Democrat politicians and others have real consequences to real people and in this case the real people are Michigan farmers. If these farmers not only in Michigan but across the country cannot pick their produce before it rots then the cost of produce affected will affect us real people.

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